Intent: To assist those willing to improve their effectiveness in life through applied sciences from the human potential and personal growth fields.


Vision: My vision is sacred. It has been coming to me since 1992 and continues to unfold. As they say, keep your vision close to you until it is clear it is undeniably coming into existence. I’m living part of it. The ultimate vision still appears to be far ahead.

My Motivation

Lamar Irwin is an electrical engineer and has lived and worked globally on an adventure of a lifetime. At an early age he ‘heard’ that life could be so much greater than his family of origin. This has motivated adventures and journeys into learning and training in multiple personal empowerment systems in a search to find ways to do life better using our inner skills that supercharge life.

Self-Mastery is a lifelong practice with immense rewards.

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I founded Mind Technology to assist people, groups and businesses in living better lives because I have found many ways to do so for myself. Please contact us with questions and let us know how we can help.

Lamar Irwin is a resource for people who want to make changes in life. In addition to his degree in electrical engineering and living and working globally, He has pursued a second career for more than 30 years in learning, training, apprenticing and licensing in multiple human potential and personal development systems. His chose as the first job out of college to go with an international French company and was sent to Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. He took his first class in how to change using brain science in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It instantly improved his effectiveness on the job that management noticed and it opened up a reevaluation of many personal beliefs, thoughts and paradigms to see if they are limiting or expansive. Not realizing it at the time a seed was planted within Lamar that put him on this second career path in human potential and personal growth.

Thanks to the variety of what Lamar has studied he can find the right approach to assist clients with their desired changes. Lamar is available for coaching, speaking, groups, business and small office presentations, business training.

If you notice the RScP that I sometimes use behind my name it stands for Religious Science Practitioner. You can see my listing at the headquarters website here:  I was introduced when I had moved to Denver around 1989 to this Religious Science Church - changed the name to Centers for Spiritual Living. I resisted because of bad religious upbringing and when I finally accepted friends’ invitations to go I walked into a place that has no man-made dogma. It does not tell people how to live. It offers insights and a well-done structured educational system about how to make changes to one’s own self and . The philosophy is called Science of Mind and is a spiritual based learning system. It took four years of study, reading, reports, testing and outreach then a psychological profile, a background check, a three hour test and then questionings before a panel of three professionals. I have to re-license every two years with testimonials from a few clients stating that my assistance changed their life in some way.

When I work with someone using any spiritual understanding I do not infringe on someone’s religion. In fact I have worked with thousands of people across several religions. That is sacred to the individual. I do not go there.

Specialties include: Results Coach and Life Change Catalyst, Stress Management Specialist, Team Focus & Achievement, Employee Effectiveness, Enhance Sports Performance, A+ Student Brain-based Study Skills, licensed Spiritual Counselor, Meditation for multiple purposes, Energy Alignments, Body-Centered Intelligence, Emotional Management, Whole Brain Goal Achievement, Assist your healing process & Reduce some medications by making thought changes (with Doctor’s approval)

Understanding our design has many components. I have been fueled by a strong drive to change and to learn how to change. The systems I have trained with have helped me be able to handle many perspectives of the human condition to foster it to grow into its design and potential. We have emotional intelligence, heart intelligence, body intelligence along with the 2 intelligence channels in the brain; the logical and intuitive intelligence channels. And we live in a quantum universe that is designed with principles and laws which once understood can be worked with to live life with less struggle, difficulties and confusion.

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