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Focus your logical mind and Access your intuitive mind

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A Syntheses of 3 Uniquely Powerful Approaches to Empowerment

In this world, we are educated and socialized to use our left brain, which has to do with the logical thinking. However, the ability to alter something in our life exists in accessing the right brain as well, the intuitive mind.

In this class, we will learn how to access whole brain thinking, so that we can maximize the use of our right, intuitive brain as much as our left, logical brain, so that we become more deliberate about our lives, directing our thoughts and achieving our goals, whether they be career, health, wellness, mental, physical or any area of life.

When you manage your mind while you discover powerful inner skills
you can write your life’s script.

From an applied science perspective this is simply a system that utilizes the brain’s design for you to live your life of your choosing.

From a quantum perspective we learn to work with the unseen creative forces that cause life and direct them to direct our own life causing achievement.

From an energetic perspective we learn to directly alter our energies thus directly change our life.

And from a deeper perspective we can change
from being reactive to life
to being able to generate the life of your choosing.

...and there are so many more benefits and powerful skills learned.

Close the Door to the past - Open the door to the future

Materials Provided & Value-Added

April 29-30, 2017 9:30am to 7:00 pm. Maybe a little later either night; please keep your schedule flexible. Lunch breaks. I’ll have light snacks, water, tea, coffee if wanted.

$575 at door or $495 paid by April 10. Discounts below.

Included with the class:

 Manual with the procedures learned in class

 Free Phone Coaching Session

 Continue self-empowerment: After class you will receive the important guided mental focusing cycles done in class.

 Certificate of Completion

 Follow-Up Class Support


 (with ID) Military, Student, Senior 65+: $425 saving $175

 My Silva Method students: $425

 Payment plans available

 There will usually be a scholarship available. Please inquire

There are many depths to this class and some will find value in retaking this class to continue their own mastery of  life. Retake fee is 1/3 of class retail.

Or volunteer and be able to sit in the class.

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