Achieving Greatly
Crucial Life Skills - The Only One of its kind

Achieving Greatly in Life

Focus your logical mind and Access your intuitive mind

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Mindfulness + Meditation (passive & dynamic) + Masterfulness

In this one-of-a-kind class you will learn specific techniques to manage stress on-cue, eliminate pain, sensualize your life and more. Training is at the level of brain operation to reprogram brain/heart neurons to use right away.

Introducing quantum laws that govern the creative force brings another dimension to your effectiveness to write your life script and achieve it.

A life empowering synthesis occurs.

Continue using these skills to deepen, grow and evolve your brain, heart and consciousness. Develop mastery for the rest of your life.

Students receive:

  • An extensive manual with the skills and worksheets to continue development
  • Audio files of the important guided processes to continue to develop better and better use of your Mind, Heart and Energies
  • One free coaching session

This is a 2-day class. 

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A Syntheses of 3 Uniquely Powerful Approaches to Empowerment

In this world, we are educated and socialized to use our left brain, which has to do with the logical thinking. However, the ability to alter something in our life exists in accessing the right brain as well, the intuitive mind.

In this class, we will learn how to access whole brain thinking, so that we can maximize the use of our right, intuitive brain as much as our left, logical brain, becoming more deliberate about our lives, directing our thoughts and achieving our goals, whether they be career, health, wellness, mental or physical.

When you manage your mind while you discover powerful inner skills
you can write your life’s script.

There are multiple perspectives to someone changing from being reactive to life to being able to generate their life.

From an applied science perspective, this is simply a way for you to use your brain as it is designed to cause your life through deliberate choice. This is using left/right brain integration skills.

A quantum perspective enables us to work with the unseen creative forces that cause life so that we direct our own life and achievements.

From an energetic perspective, we learn to directly alter our energies thus directly changing our life and internal state.

What does all this mean in your life?

Handle life and manage self. read here     here     here     here     here     here     and here

Trey took the class with promise to pay in 2 months. Paid in 2 days

Health, lowered blood pressure and other wellness results. here   here   here   here

Bernadette, a mom of cute boys, video’d her testimonial. here

Unemployed with resumes across the country had been receiving few phone interviews. The Monday directly following a Saturday/Sunday class she lined up several phone interviews. Those employers called her ‘suddenly’.   here


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Close the Door to the past - Open the door to the future

Materials Provided & Value-Added

$495 full price

Ask about student, military and senior discount with proper ID

$445 early registration. or cash.

Half price to repeat

Reduced rate for any person who took a Silva Method class from me.

Included with the class:

 Manual with the procedures learned in class

 Free Coaching Session

Continue self-empowerment: After class you will receive the important guided mental focusing cycles done in class.

Follow-Up Class Support


 (with ID) Military, Student, Senior 65+: Save $50

 Payment plans available

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