Align To Your Good meetup

Alignment to Your Good in Life

Monthly in Austin and San Antonio

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To Master the skill of aligning all that you are is to create a life of your desires

All that you can conceive, you can receive. All that you desire is right here waiting for you.

Once you have your focus, thoughts and energies aligned to what you desire in life… it is on its way. Then once you learn how to align from within to your own Source the Power that creates and sustains life is tapped to proactively set up the right resources so that the right people and material items come to you for your desires to manifest.

Since we are multidimensional and multi-layered beings, alignment can be approached from many perspectives. We will discuss this process. Then I will lead at least one alignment experience.

Bring a friend, join us, have fun & expand your life.

Lamar Irwin, RScP, is based in Austin. After 33 years of studying, apprenticing and licensing in multiple personal empowerment organizations he is a resource for human potential. He has a degree in electrical engineering and has utilized his knowledge, training and insights to develop a new approach to achieving your desires in life. Learn how to live above the fray of normality.

We meet in different homes. Contact me if you would like to host this in your city.

$Suggested Minimum Donation is $20. Some people are tithing to this group.

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