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My purpose: Assist people who desire to live an increasingly better life using applicable brain and quantum sciences and life principles and laws.

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3 Simple Rules for Life-sm

With the right skills You Craft Your Own World

Precise focus of a person’s thoughts will cause precise changes in that person’s life in any area of life. Unleashing your potential is a matter of training you to gaining dominion over your inner resources.

And showing you how to align to your true nature and to maintain that alignment. THIS causes us to be the unique BEing we each are.

Many of the changes I facilitate in people works by helping them focus their thoughts internally. I ask questions because every person is programmed for life uniquely. If it involves any task or health challenge I focus the person to witness their own thoughts and body sensations. These are questions we do not normally ask ourselves. The ‘why’ is understandable but I will save those thoughts for a Curious Mind News blog post and a class.

What matters is: What are your specific thoughts when you have a phone call from an employee you manage mentions a computer problem? What are your thoughts in other specific settings and events throughout your day?

We then discover the path to the root to alter it. Once found I assist you to re-program your mind to handle that stimuli (event, situation) with a more relaxed and focused mind.

When you are relaxed with mental focus you have found the ultimate key to self-directed change.

This process unfolds for us to discover the path to the root of the problem. Once that is found then we go about re-programming your mind so that your thoughts are in alignment with a more relaxed approach to the stimuli. You gain control over each stimuli. You do the work. I am the guide. This is an extremely empowering process. Self-esteem increases. Sense of being lucky increases. You may start contemplating some dreams or ideas you had given up on yourself to accomplish.


Just some examples of what can be focused on in sessions:

  • Job
  • Relationship
  • Self-Esteem
  • Too much stress in life
  • Athletic Performance
  • Student Study & Test Taking Brain Skills
  • Problematic past
  • Overcome patterns that are limiting
  • Get to the root of a problem and change it
  • Discover answers to questions you have
  • Possible ways to improve health conditions
  • Possible to eliminate some medications by re-training the mind
  • Deepen your connection to your own spiritual nature
  • Re-train your brain

Private Session     $  150 per session
                              $  390 for 3 sessions     save $60    14%
                              $  675 for 6 sessions     save $225  25%
                              $1050 for 10 sessions   save $450 30%
                              $1170 for 12 sessions   save $630 35%
Sliding scale available if needed. Just ask

Change a Limiting Belief

Everyone has beliefs. Beliefs are the way our brains are programmed to deal with life. If you believe that no one likes you, it will be. If you believe that money comes to you easily, continuously and abundantly then you will recieve money in that manner. If you believe that you will never be a success in your chosen endeavor, you will have that outcome.

One problem with beliefs is that they are not always clear since most of what drives us is the 90$+ subconscious mind. You can find your beliefs by looking at your life. What is in it? What is not? What condition is it in? That tells you about the beliefs you have.

As you can see in those examples, there are beliefs that support a good life and there are beliefs that do not. Until recently changing a belief took a while and was uncertain that it was done until a person’s life experience changed correspondingly. One way to begin the change of your belief is to create an affirmation that will replace it. Repeat this affirmation regularly and  imagine the changes you desire. This will gradually change your belief.

This method to change beliefs is highly effective. In one session you will identify the limiting belief then craft the desired replacement belief. We will then do the process with verification for you along the way that it is working. Then we will integrate the belief in the brain and in the body’s intelligence.

DirectionQuantum Alignment Technique

Choose something in life you want to achieve/receive/change. After some discussion you will experience a very unique and powerful technique that aligns you, your energies with what you desire to have. This creates the pathway for you to achieve/receive/ change it by working with the natural Quantum Principles and Law of Life. Once this session is complete you will be supported by my doing an alignment for you daily during my daily practices for 7 days.

Option: Purchase a monthly support package for minimum of three months for $75/month which includes one session each month and daily alignment done by me in my daily practices.

forget why it won't work - believe that it will-smPersonalized Mental and Heart Program

Is there some way you want to feel differently within yourself? Is there a character trait you desire? Is there a life circumstance you want to change? After a discovery process we will create a new script for that part of your life. I will then lead you in this to reprogram your brain, heart and body intelligences to change it. This will be recorded and sent to you for you to use regularly.

butterflies in clear bubbles375x242The SHIFT

I continue to be thrilled with what I witness with each person doing this. I liken this SHIFT that is made to a major tune up and alignment to the desired life. People’s facial appearance changes most often looking younger afterwards. Energies, emotions, thoughts and/or attitude shifts.

In an extremely unique procedure accessing multiple intelligence centers within a client creative and accurate answers to that client’s questions will come forth in a dynamic and interactive way. I use pre and post measurements of a client’s face for a session so that the client can witness what i see: changes in the face that I see during the process. It is such an exciting methodology to get specific answers such as in the first testimonial on this page says. I used this technique for that business owner’s specific answers for his business - First testimonial here..

These answers come from within the client and they come from a deep intelligence that tends to be closer to what suits the person and the area of life that is in question. I have always heard “Ask the right question and you will get the right answer”. I have trained how to develop the right answers on the spot depending on the client’s goals, energy system and feedback response.

It is called The SHIFT because a client’s systemic wiring is redone based on the answers discovered. The person has adjusted each of the multiple intelligence power centers that exist in the human system. Some people will experience a whole new sense of belief, possibility and immersion into the desired answers and results. Everyone is surprised by the answers, the process and the differences in the face as seen in the pre and post face measurements on video.

The SHIFT session require at least one coaching session to assure the person is ready and focused for it.

$295 per session - Very focused and dynamic. Takes up to 1.5 hours. A post discussion while looking at the video of the pre and post face measurements.

life-laws 320x240Spiritual Alignment Counseling and Coaching

Most people believe in some kind of higher power, no matter the name it is called. Above the man made rules of living there is a an organizing intelligent power that supports life and all of its expressions.

The cause for any area of life that is not working out lies in one’s cosmology, his or her relation to their form of the higher power. When the cause for separation from one’s source in an area of life is discovered that person has experienced a healing, a major change in that area of life.

Many other questions, confusions and wonderings can be counseled. Every session ends with a spiritual mind treatment which is a 5-step process where I align someone to their source and their good. This process oftentimes is felt by the client. I continue to do daily spiritual mind treatments for any client who is currently in counseling until the sessions end.

More about this is at the About page here

Ideas for things handled: systemic life patterns that seem to be causing some kind of lack or limitation. relationship issues, finances, career, life direction, work, career.

If you are curious about other energy and healing services please contact me

P.E.A.C.E. Session click here
Personal Energy Alignment, Cleansing and Expansion session

You are so much more than what you see. Quantum Physics tells us we are vibrating quantum intelligent energy as is teh air around us, as is the goals you desire to have, as is every single thing seen and unseen in life. When the connections between you and this energy clogs up you experience problems in life, clarity and health.

Release pains, help with physical problems, and align your personal energies to these quantum intelligent energy.

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