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Benefits of the Achieving Greatly class

Once someone understands how to alter their thoughts to change conditions within themselves and in their experiences of life that person starts to feel like they can handle life better than before. Then when that person changes paradigms about who they are in relation to the creative forces of life they are well on their way to self mastery. And they have the crucial life skills to forever increase that mastery of life.

From the Matrix of Life => Cause your dreams to be made manifest

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The only limit to your life is the limitations placed by your beliefs about life.

The other important note is that when you start having successes you will begin to understand that you can go further and deeper than you ever thought possible. Depending on what you are to achieve in life you can begin to start making larger goals and work on a greater life vision now that you have life skills to achieve with more ease..

Stress Management - Relaxation in just moments

Utilize a stress management system that works at the physiological level in mere moments. The more it is practiced and used the quicker a person can relax fully. Leave on Sunday with the skill to de-stress before an important client, meeting, presentation or any task that makes you even slightly nervous. And use it to focus your thoughts and mind. By using a simple finger movement you will trigger physical and mental relaxation additionally adjusting your brain into your creative, receptive, and quieter mind that inherently adds an intelligence channel in this brain mode.

You will also have the key to health. The World Health Organization has stated that at least 90% of illness is caused by stress. As a person manages his or her stress in multiple moments throughout each day they are assuring less stress on the physical, mental, spiritual and all levels of living. With this Key you will be able to do this.

Additional benefits of this brain mode are vast. With my experience at this point it is as if I get to open a door to the intelligence, energies and perceive more subtleties and nuances of life, events, interactions, patterns and current life direction, This increases a persons self awareness.

You will receive a list in the Achieving Greatly class manual of the benefits and tools of each of the two brain modes this class utilizes and teaches.

Tame your mind. Choose your thoughts.

The thoughts you have are the originating point for how you feel and what you achieve in life. it is troublesome when we continuously have those thoughts that are worrying about the future and fretting about the past. All those do is set you up to re-create your past to be your future.

Learn a way to choose your thoughts and starting having them while shifting away from those self-defeating thoughts.

Mind’s Eye for Change

The class builds to this extremely powerful technique for altering your life. It is a way of opening up the channels within yourself and within the quantum field to achieve what you desire.

  • Change an undesired situation into what you desire
  • Achieve with more grace and ease
  • Proper use of your 5 senses + emotions for goals
  • Relate to the energies of life in a different way that brings to you what you desire

Manage or eliminate headaches and pain

What if you knew that you could get rid of your headaches without medicine and ultimately stop having headaches? An extreme majority of my clients and students have done so as did I decades ago. I used to live with headaches and take aspirin a lot. I no longer get headaches, ever, because I created a relief valve for stress. (Explained in class).

Shift your Emotions on Cue

There is a state of mind and heart that allows you to receive your desired results. Learn how to shift into this on cue.

Instant Energy and Focus

When you are feeling tired be able to draw energy and focus.

High Performance State

Imagine being in the right internal ‘state’ for your next meeting with your boss or an important client to be more effective. As high performing athletes know, it is crucial to have a relaxed focus to do their sport. This is true for any important action taken in life.

You will learn to shift into this relaxed focus on cue, when needed.

Moment of Power

In any crisis there is a moment when you have the power to direct the outcome.

Power of Attention

Pay attention to the thoughts that matter the most to get you what you desire in life.


Breakthroughs often occur because of an internal shift we make. Be able to cause these in areas of life you feel stuck.

Improve your relationship with things in life such as money, auto, residence, physicality, people...

Brains are designed to have both Logical and Intuitive Thoughts

Each of these thought types has their purpose. Learn how to access each. This results in wiser decision making. It also helps to create projects that are more complete.

There is a particular way to develop a new project that utilizes both what you already know and new creative thoughts that make the project stand out and be more effective.


Have a direct experience that you are intuitive. This quite often shocks people who are used to being just logical. This is simple to do and you will know how to gain intuitive/ creative thoughts...and with practice you will be able to receive intuitive thoughts on cue..


These life skills, when practiced, naturally develop one’s creativity.

Other side effects

  • Boost your immune system
  • Assist the healing process
  • Meditate deeply and get there quickly

Develop a 3 to 7 minute morning routine that sets your day and changes your life.

Choose your thoughts.

Craft them to cause the life results you desire to have and to be.

Whole Mind Results Achievement

Use both brain hemispheres of logic and intuition, heart and the intelligent quantum field to achieve what you desire and to become who you desire to be.

Craft your list of desired results using the Top 10 Requirements to Craft Powerful Results

Who Benefits

Since this class works with the fundamentals of how we are designed to succeed any person can benefit from attending. These are not difficult concepts. They are just new to the normal mind. As long as a child can focus and be in a class he or she can attend. And it’s best that they have someone else they know in class.

Something to note is that once anyone understands the specifics of how to reprogram their brain and use these empowering life skills they can make lasting changes for life. 

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