Follow Up
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Once you have completed the class it is important to have proactive support to implement these new paradigms and to navigate changes in life.

No weekend class will solve all ills. The class provides the foundational understanding and the Crucial Life Skills to make changes internally and externally... All done through deliberate choice.

My commitment to you is that I am available to help you implement this.

There is nothing on the market with the depth and breadth of this class. And this is just the beginning of how my 30+ years of training in human development and personal growth can assist you in achieving what you desire in life and becoming who you desire to be in life.

Follow-Up Support:

Monthly Meetups in Austin

    For class participants

    And others

      It is valuable to have people around you understand personal growth and changes in your life.

Secret Group on Facebook

    If you are on Facebook this is part of our online community where we post successes, ask for support, ask why it is not working, share how it is working and more...

Free Coaching Session

    Work on a specific thought, results, feeling or situation that is troubling in your life

    Gain input on how to apply the class methods to your situation

Phone and E-mail Support

    Contact me for quick questions, thoughts, ideas

    As long as it’s quick it’s free. Just realize that this is my passion to help and is my profession to earn income ;-)

Re-take the class for a minimum fee

    This class is nutrient dense with multiple concepts and new paradigms

    It helps to take the class again to hear things that were not heard in the first class.

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