Achieving Greatly Class Results

You are Designed for Success & You Live in a Life that Proactively Supports Your Success

What if you learned to create your life using this concept?

dna_helix - CopyAfter three+ decades of seeking answers by apprenticing in multiple personal empowerment systems it is clear to me that you are designed for success and life has principles, laws and qualities that support your success. When you work with this design it is easier to craft the life you desire.

It is a straight-forward path to take an idea and bring it into your reality. You will leverage the power you were born with to achieve what you want in life.

This class is proving to produce results way beyond what I originally thought possible 

I derived this system from four sciences mixed with some sage wisdom. It is results focused and solutions based. It utilizes multiple training methods for you to be able to be effective and utilize these skills right away.

And it only takes about 5 or so minutes per day to use it.

There are lots of results happening for those using this life technology; from small to miraculous. The fun thing is that since this uses the creative mind in conjunction with the logical mind many of your results will come through unexpected means and will end up being great stories as to how you received them.

And the surprise for me was when some students started getting results during the class (examples below). That is when I took notice more so and began to realize I have to get the word out. Then after the last class I personally have had 3 major areas of life get noticeably better. Wow…

It is so valuable to be able to create your life as you desire it to be. Are you ready?

    What matters are results…

      Below are some examples

Some of the Results so far

Physical Pain

    “My 6 year back pain left during class on Saturday and I didn’t feel it for days after the class until a PTSD trigger happened. Thankfully Lamar taught me how to eliminate my pain, focus my mind and move into joy. I was able to manage myself out of that and my pain went away again. ” LM, Army, has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    “My hurt shoulder almost feels normal (on Sunday in class). My intuition has opened up quickly. I’m feeling happy instead of blasť.” JM, Army, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury


   “I took the class not knowing how I would pay for it but it spoke to me as helpful. A few days after the class I received unexpected income through the mail and paid for the class and other bills.” TS

House and car

   “I told my husband and mother-in-law that I was going to use this class to sell the house and get the dealer to repair our car at no charge. Saturday lunchtime I received a text from our realtor with a qualified offer for our house. (Update: that sale went through.) My husband called me that afternoon and the dealer was on his way to get our car to repair it at no charge.” BP (This all happened on the first day of class)


   This one is mine: After the last class I found internal motivation to join a gym AND actually go on a regular basis; quite often an hour and a half to two hours. Awesome to be moving again.

From students who took the class for the 2nd time

   “I retook the class to get more from it and the first thing is: Lamar is not the same teacher as he was when I first took it and the class is not the same class. The depth of change happening in class was tangible and the class is clearly focused. A skill I like seeing in him is that Lamar allowed lots of questions to help each person’s questions and needs come out. He was very present with each person’s questions allowing for what the students need to lead the agenda. It was fun and powerful.” MS

   “I retook the class in August. It is not the same class. There was so much more than before and I understand it better. For the first time I felt the energy vibration within me…that Lamar always talks about.” JH


   “Starting Monday after the class I had more interviews for a new job than I had previously been having. It just happened. They were for companies across the nation. And, I had the skill to focus myself on being present in the interview process and present myself professionally as I desired to be seen. It helps tremendously.” LS

Emotional management

   “My mom and I get into arguments. After class I had the ability and awareness to stop feeding that increasing anger while it is happening. I also have had continuous pain. The pain elimination technique is helping a lot.” LL

Class environment

   “I have attended several workshops facilitated by Lamar Irwin. The “Achieving Greatly” class was by far the best. This wasn’t a “let me stand in front of the room and listen to me teach you” workshop. Lamar created a workshop that was very interactive and held the space for everyone to be open in a warm, fun, safe environment.  As the weekend progressed there were so many shifts on so many levels. It was amazing!  I am looking forward to the next workshop. Sign me UP!” BF


   “At a time in life when my heart was shattered and I was needing a quality, healing space to live in…I reconnected with someone I have known for decades who had a place for me to live in that was much more than perfect on many levels of life.” LI

BreakThrough-Project-350x200Handling major life changes

   “I gained incredible clarity about what to do to handle this divorce and our kids. I used this as my desired focus in Lamar’s Mind’s Eye for Change technique. That next week I had two salons that wanted me to work for them and I’ve figured out how to uses my horses for a business.” KR, Army wife with children


   “The morning after the class someone tried to get me into their drama and I had the presence of mind to choose not to deal with it. I took care of me and when I was ready I called her back. And I know how to stay calm when those around me are running negative scenarios.” JD, Army

Major life problem

   “I’m a teacher and was being accused of something I did not do. I used the mental and emotional focus skills to stay calm as the other person accused me. The truth came out and all is good because I stayed calm and focused.” CG, teacher and Army wife

Physical limitations

   “I have nerve damage in my back and couldn’t tell where someone was touching me there. After using the sensualization skills I can now tell where someone is touching me.” MS

Whatever you do, know that within you lies the keys to permanent change and achieving what you want in life. Find some way to tap into that. You do not want to die with your music still in you. You are here to share your ‘music’ with the world.

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