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My journey of awakening to creativity with the crystal bowls
What people say
Crystal bowls are used in P.E.A.C.E. Sessions

Sound is an energetic vibration that causes shifts in your energy. The singing quartz crystal bowls amplify sound, focus it and raises the vibration. These sounds appear to surround someone placing them in a healing sound-cocoon while cleansing their different energies. Most people experience going deeper into meditation than normal.

Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls can be experienced in

  • Private Healing Sessions
  • Public events
  • By-request group session

I made my first ever recording in Sounds True Studio in Boulder, Colorado. At the time I was leading a meditation after the services of the Science of Mind Spiritual Center in Aurora, Colorado. People were having healings, major insights and other revelations during these and I was blown away because I was just an engineer playing the bowls, making it up. They ended up collecting donations to pay for my use of the studio. More about how these crystal bowls took me from my logical mind trap into my first sense of being creative is here.

water ripple-smIndividual Healing Sessions

In a session you will be guided into a relaxing, healing and opening state of mind and body. I use the quartz crystal bowls as I am guided to clear your energy system. As we know your energy extends out from your physical body. This energy sometimes has blocks and other energies that may inhibit your happiness, health and pleasure in life. And the illnesses of body, emotions and mind exist first within this energetic etheric field. When it is cleared in that awareness field then it does not have to be embodied to be healed - it is already healed.

Over the years, an incredible range of experiences has been reported. Overwhelmingly people have experienced an embrace, a warmth, a revealing energy, a stress-release, an energy that surrounds them while stirring from within and much more. It seems that the bowl provides a support to whatever the individual may need at the time. Insights, clarity about an issue, pain relief, pre-cognitive flashes, personal revelations, energetic healings... are some of the reports.

Schedule a session. Contact me

 I always offer a sliding scale. So, if you are drawn to do this talk with me and pay the value it has for you.

I also use the bowls in my P.E.A.C.E. Sessions - Personal Energy Alignment, Clearing and Expansion. There is no other feeling or opening than to have one’s energies cleansed, cleared and aligned to the Quantum Energetic Pattern of Life’s Perfection.

Public Events and Events for your Group

I sometimes schedule these and sometimes groups will host me. In these events the group will be guided into their collective journey for awakening. I have added a new dimension to these events as an option - I can project a multi-changing series of Sacred Geometry Images onto a screen. People have an option to open their eyes at times and meditate on these images.


If you have a group that wants a crystal bowl guided meditation journey contact me.

If you want to schedule and promote a public event in your town let me know. Travel is an option.

Thank you...

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