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Mind Technology Welcomes Dr. Joseph Huerta in Austin

I am always thrilled when Dr. Huerta is coming to town :-)

Bio*Internal Cleanse One-Day Detox Seminar

If you have not heard this, then here are the basics. Your liver is like the air filter in your life-laws 320x240house. The air filter removes a lot of dust and pollens from the air. You have to replace it regularly so that your air keeps clean so that you can breath clean air.

We know we live in a toxic environment. It is in our air, food and environment. And since this is my specialty: I add it is in our relationships and consciousness. But that is why I love spending time with Joseph. We talk about that connection between the healing of the consciousness and the healing of the body.

Your liver removes toxins from your body and it can get full of toxins. Once your liver is cleansed (toxins are flushed out) it can then pull more toxins out of your body assisting your wellness even more so. This process, at this point to me, is just good maintenance which gives the body a leg up on keeping you well.

For me, it even adjusts my emotional mood as if that gets cleared out. It also removes any cravings for those foods that I should not eat and it makes me feel clean and energized again. I do this 3 to 4 times each year to maintain and get healthier.

This Bio*Internal Cleanse detoxes the liver, helps to eliminate gall stones before they become a problem, changes your body system to alkaline (more healthy than acidic which most people are), and it will work on other systems in your body as is needed.

Dr HuertaDr. Joseph A. Huerta
Natural Health Science Institute of Research and Bio*Dynamics
Etheric Field, Pain and Stress Management Facilitator
Nutritional Science, Ph.D.

Click here for his BIO and his own healing story

Support your body’s natural healing: Come get this one-day detox to deeply cleanse systems, liver and gall bladder plus a class where you learn what is happening and the benefits. You can eat lightly that night when you wake up. Many people experience losing their unhealthy cravings after doing this.

In the class

He presents:

  • What he has healed using this system
  • How the body’s cleansing systems work
  • An eating plan that includes
    • Eating based on body rhythms, 4 cycles each 24 hours
    • Food combining principles
    • pH Balance of foods for Alkaline vs Acidic
  • Other healing information

You will receive the presentation and incredible value:

  • Learn his stress management technique: Gah Teh
  • Personalized energy work
  • The detox fluids (proprietary herbal detox tea and gall bladder squeeze/activator)
  • Eating program based on food combining, body rhythms and pH-balance
  • Manual, techniques, meditation

Private Sessions are available with Dr. Huerta

Schedule an optional private session

Quantum Healing Touch Massage
 is an invigorating and deeply relaxing simultaneously while you are clothed on the table. Quantum Healing Touch massage to do for your friends and family members. He created this amazing process. My experience of this massage is that it is both deeply relaxing and energetically invigorating. This massage is done with clothes on.

A Trauma Healing Electromagnetic Alignment
helps to permanently relieve a person from past traumas, minor or major. I have experienced this and it made a noticeable shift in my consciousness.

The Reconnection
The Reconnection is an accelerated exchange of the energy, light and information found in the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. It is a focused formation to connect three systems: the ley lines of our planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the universal energy grid. The Reconnection is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence.

Any healing concern or question you have

ALSO: If you have any concern about a current health condition or the contents of the tea contact me. I will put you in touch with Dr. Huerta to get your answer.

Advanced registration is required

perspectives03What is vibrant health worth?

He recommends that each person do the one-day detox system 3 times to fully detoxify the liver, gall bladder and other body systems. He asks that the first time you do the Bio*Internal Cleanse that you participate in the class so that your mind and spirit are also receiving benefit. You will then be ready to do additional detox teas on your own. If you do have a health condition that is of concern he will recommend what you need. You will have the opportunity to speak with him in class about any questions. Note that there are other detox programs available that take 30 days and cost much more than 3 of these. And these are proprietary from a man who is a world-class healer.

Once you have completed the initial 3 detox teas then you are ready to do a two-day tissue detox that cleanses the toxins out of your cells if you want to go that far. I do not think many people have done this. Here is my first time experience: I did it on a weekend. Monday was like waking up with zest and alertness that I had in my twenties. I was energized and astounded and mentally and physical alert.

My Experiences

My first time doing the detox was about 2005; in my 40s. I had begun to have some symptoms of adult onset diabetes that my dad developed. Just a few hours into drinking the detox tea I noticed two things change right before my eyes. First, I noticed that my hands looked pinkish and felt younger; the natural lubrication was being increased AS I was drinking this detox tea reversing that dry aging thing that occurs. This happens for me every time I do the detox and my hands feel so different for many days.

The second thing I noticed is that the premature age spots (in my 40s) I had were vanishing before our eyes; everyone witnessed it. I was sold!

And then the bonus: I woke up the next morning and could smell all of these nice odors that had always been in our home but my previously damaged sense of smell could not detect them; I used to be a smoker so my sense of smell had been damaged. I was convinced of the benefits. So I bought all 3 and did one every Sunday until I had finished them. I waited a month and did the two-day tissue cleanse. That was the turning point for my health as it continues to improve.

healing_touchAre you worth it?

Healing experiences I witnessed

I witnessed it. A friend of mine had sudden kidney failure, very unexpectedly, no reason and it was extreme. I asked her if she was okay if I asked Dr. Huerta to drive in town to see her. She agreed. A few days later both of us are walking into her hospital room. She was very obviously in a bad state of health and was considering checking out. I watched him provide her techniques she could use and within 30 minutes her skin was back to a vibrant color. Later on, the doctor said the small surgery she had had that day healed twice as fast as normal.

I also saw him eliminate a 40+ year old lady’s severe cat allergy in less than 15 minutes. She said she was going to have to leave or would be in the emergency room in 30 minutes. That had happened her entire life. He asked her if she would like to get rid of that allergy permanently. She kept saying it was not possible and had been this allergic her entire life. She challenged him to do it. He did. It was beautiful watching it.

I have sent many people to him. I have heard about cancers going away, women who are having problems getting pregnant end up getting pregnant and have very bright babies, tumors shrinking.

Dr. Huerta’s gift in life is to learn healing modalities and then improve them, make them quicker and more effective.

Contact Us for information to work with this world-class healer

Click here for his BIO and his own healing story

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