Empower Hours

Empower your group, employees or function with several options for Empower Hours.

Each person is designed with everything required within himself/herself to achieve what he or she desires. It is simply a matter of education, training and practice to unleash a mode of achievement that is done with greater ease and synchronicity. Through this method is a way to Achieve Greatly.

Schedule me to speak during your lunchtime or during a group meeting or some keynote function. I always deliver clear messages, tie them into personal and business benefits and provide suggestions on how to

Topics are abundant. Here are a few to begin with.

Activate Your Thoughts for Manifestation

Direct your thoughts deliberately to cause what you want to happen in life. To select your thoughts is to select your life and wellbeing. From thought to energy in motion within you to the desired manifestation.

Stress Management Benefits

Presentation and discussion on managing stress which helps you be more ‘present’ with clients, make better decisions and is good for your health.

Crafting Empowering Goals

You are designed to access both logical and intuitive thoughts. Each has its benefits. When you desire to cause a change in life, to change some feeling inside of you or to create a new goal there is a way to craft it to work with both thought types.

Shift into Your Empowered Feeling State

There is a feeling state in which one can live that is extremely beneficial. Shift your feeling state on cue. This feeling state of joy, gratitude and being happy opens the door to incredible wonders in life from receiving your desires and goals to being in the right place at the right time.

Customizable Topics

With my engineering mind and more than thirty three years of learning, apprenticing and practicing how to tap into the human potential, the lost ingredient in individual, employee and group empowerment. I can customize topics to what your group is working on.

Time is Adjustable

From one hour presentations to short classes and to longer trainings this material can be adjusted to how much your group wants to understand and implement.

The training portion of this material is done using a particular technique that specifically trains and ‘implants’ the material within the person so that they have changed real time and can utilize this new skill immediately.

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