At Mind Technology, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we are compiling a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 512-677-4748 or mailing@mindtechnology.com.

Common Questions - More will be added as questions are asked

What ages is this for?
In the book mentioned in the next paragraph it is shown that people into their eighties have these stem cells sitting in the brain that get launched when there is the environment and stimulation to create a new neuron set in the brain. And any young person who can sit and focus for the class will benefit from it. When children learn these skills they take off and have great changes.

“Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain” book. In this intriguing book about a regular conference where select neuroscientists meet with the Dalai Lama and discuss the recent findings. Neuroscientists have studied a lot of these monks to monitor the brain when moving between a waking state and a meditative state.

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