Inner Self Management

leimbach-claire-aerial-view-of-meanders-in-the-east-kalimantan-river-in-borneo-indonesiaI was 23 years old living on the island of Borneo, Indonesia working for a French company using my electrical engineering degree (Texas A&M). This was my first job out of college. I took my first week off and flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I took a class that altered the trajectory of my life path in many ways.

For four days, eight hours each day, I learned the precision and skill involved in using visualization to alter things within myself, to achieve my goals and to receive intuitive input on cue along with more way outside-the-box mental-based skills.

Once I knew that I could get rid of my headaches without taking medication I knew that I could direct and manage my internal sensations. Once my intuition told me information that logically I should not have known, I was convinced we are much more than anyone ever taught us...or even hinted at.

It was demanding work where I was working sometimes three days without sleep. So, I used these skills to cause my mind and body to act as if I had some quality sleep. This is a process that takes moments with eyes closed while still alert focusing one’s thoughts and feelings. That refreshes.

My job performance improved so noticeably that management started moving me up faster.

Once one knows how to alter his thoughts to change internal conditions
 and life experiences his life is his own to direct.
I hope to tap into my better self

Inner Self Management is crucial to the person who desires to achieve a life beyond the norm and to achieve what they are drawn to do in this life.

Humans are designed for success and we live in a Live, Intelligent Field that corresponds to our commands, so to speak. That is used in my Achieving Greatly Intensive.

Each person stands As the Living Interface between the Infinite Potential and one’s manifested reality.

KNOW More to DO More and BE More

Change your Body Experiences

A person can change many experiences felt by the body through precise mental direction and conscious breathing all done with a clear intent.


         DE-stress your mind and body on cue (this is expanded below)

    Reduce/Eliminate Headaches and Pain as needed

    Manage severe pain oftentimes reducing it

    Shift your mood from ‘sour’ to feeling joyful and happy

    Increase your energy when you are tired

    Increase athletic performance

    Improve your mental focus, comprehension and recall (great for students to increase their grades)

    Alter reactionary responses to some stimuli in life that triggers you to be stressed

    Manage your thinking: Choose supportive thoughts vs self-defeating ones

    Improve your performance at any task

    Open up your intuition and begin receiving those thoughts in addition to logical

    many more...

Once you begin using these skills you will be able to tweak and adjust them to your needs.


The Key Skill required for Mastery of Inner Self Management handles stress at its core and achieves relaxation on cue; changes your internal energetic mental emotional state. Below expands on the benefits of having this one skill.

The article below was published in the Austin Natural Awakenings magazine in October 2015:
  Link on their site:

Combating the Degenerative Effects of Stress

neuro-sculpting-mental-fitness-training-studio-membershipThe World Health Organization asserts that at least 90 percent of illness is caused by stress. Having a method to re-lease physical, mental and energetic stress is a must in our fast-paced yet sedentary Western society. A lesson can be learned from tribal societies that have developed ways to expend such destructive energies. After a short class or series of private sessions, we can train the brain, heart and body to de-stress completely on cue within moments. It is so easy and beneficial that people can do this before important meetings and phone calls or while commuting to and from work. This quantum deep relaxation skill is also the starting point for tapping the human potential to other life-transform-ing skills, such as meditating deeply within moments; reprogramming brain and heart neurons for desired life changes; opening up the intuitive thought channel; focusing the mind to cause changes in life; aligning to one’s true nature where life is realized with grace, ease and trust; and activating inherent healing energies. This relaxation skill also happens to also be the foundation for many other trainable life skills, such as shift-ing mood, eliminating pain, enhancing performance, studying less and increas-ing grades. This trainable skill begins to shine a light onto the true potential of the human system and its design for success, all while increasing health and boosting the immune system.

It turns out that when you know how to quickly de-stress on cue and you use it you have found the internal Power Up switch to access so much more. Since at least 90% of illnesses are stress related once you can manage your stress in mere seconds you

  • De-stress mind and body on cue
  • Calm your inner energies
  • Gain access to your Intuitive/Creative Thoughts
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Increase mental focus
  • Assist the healing process
  • Reprogram neurons to change reactions and behaviors

There is a progression of personal powers that come on line with practice. I cover that in a class.

Two different educational modalities are used using at two of the brain modes. This assures you are able to use it right away.

Training can be done in many different ways

Private sessions

Classes at your office or for your group

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