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There is no other life skills training that has the multidimensional depth contained in its classes, talks, coaching and writing. Using multiple educational methods to train each student in these skills makes them usable right away. The creator and instructor of this class has more than thirty years of training, apprenticing, learning and licensing in the human potential and personal growth fields. Having studied in several different systems, perspectives and approaches to catalyzing the human expression the instructor has a breadth and depth that is unique and very impactful in this field.

Class to post: A+ Student Brain Skills for Studying easier while increasing Grades
  Until then the link to this class is here  (will open in a new window)

Sensualize Your Life Class
...into being what you desire it to be

This is a good 2 evening class that you can host at your location and for your group
   Current link to this class is here  (will open in a new window)

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