Whole Life Paradigm for Personal Power
Crucial Life Skills - The Only One of its kind

Achieving Greatly

Activate Your Mind’s Eye for Change

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You Will Do Amazing Things in Life with the right paradigms and
skillset for tapping your inherent inner power center.

You are Designed for Success AND
                     You Live in a Universe that is Designed to Support You in Your Success!

Thus far, in my 32+ year investigation through multiple human potential systems it is abundantly  clear that there are many dimensions to who we are: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual      (deeper connection), quantum, behavioral, energetic, self-healing and more. AND…

To comprehend this is to Claim Your Personal Power:

Your human systems are designed so that they are interfaced to
 Life’s Creation & Support Systems.

This is such a comprehensive design that we look right through it
without seeing it.

Once we tune our awareness to this Design we have found our Inner Empowerment Center.

Each of YOUR human systems (dimensions) of BEing-ness contain its own set of Empowerment Skills. This means there is a way to focus each of Your Inner Dimensions, which are Whole-ly causative for your life experiences.

IMAGINE focusing two, four, more or ALL of Your Inner Causative Systems in the same desired direction for your life.

That resulting power in life IS the Power that Gives Life
Creative Power!

Directing It simply takes using Inner Empowerment Skills.



Look at the face you see.
Shift your perspective and see a different face.

Just like in this picture...


it's time to rethink everything

This Achieving Greatly class embeds these skills within you so that you can use this Design for Success to bring an idea into your life’s experienced reality.

The Current Life Paradigm for how most people do life

  • Something happens in life
  • You detect that with your physical senses and feelings
  • Based on that you create in your mind adjustments to your actions
  • You take these actions
  • At some point you may see the change in life

This normal way of doing life produces normal results.

   AND it is re-active and ineffective at tapping into your Inner Empowerment

When you are tired of normality, of pains, of lackluster-ness and you desire to
“step it up” to live your life in a way that exhilarates you
, it takes this new Life Paradigm presented in class.

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Ego says vs Spirit says FB

In the Achieving Greatly class you turn the normal life paradigm on its head. Up is down. Reactions are  stopped. Life events are simply snapshots you use to clarify your inner causative focus.

What is happening in life DOES NOT
dictate what happens next.

You do!

Through methods and understandings based on applied sciences (brain, neuro, newtonian, quantum) you discover that when you focus using the new paradigms

  • You de-stress your body and mind On Cue…
  • …thus you enter your Inner Empowerment Center
  • You eliminate/diminish pains and headaches On Cue
  • You shift your mood to joy and happiness On Cue
  • You weed out unwanted and plant wanted thoughts in your Thought Garden
  • You work in unison with the Quantum Principles and Laws as Life is designed
  • You utilize both brain modes, logical and intuitive, to Achieve Whole Brain Results in life

This Achieving Greatly class culminates in using the depth of info learned in the Mind’s Eye for Change method. Utilizes the Whole Life Paradigm to directly cause change in your life.

I designed this class for the Whole Life Paradigm that activates the inherent skills lying dormant within you. There is no limit  to your potential when you:

  • Make an inner commitment to your best life
  • Work with Life’s Design for Success and...
  • Work in unison with the Quantum Principles and Laws of life


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3 Educational methods are used in class to assure you can use these skills immediately to cause affects in life

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Wherever You Are in Life
find your
Inner Empowerment Center.

You were Designed for Success

& Born with ALL that takes.

Learn it & Use it

The world needs your gifts.

Don’t die with your music still inside you.

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