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Warning. Please read: I know what most people think of when someone says something about clearing their energies or cleansing their aura. I’m an electrical engineer and that is what I thought many years ago. I have come to this understanding by specifically studying and practicing meta-physics [meta = beyond, physics = the physical realm] - the sciences behind the physical forms of life. And, physicists and scientists agree to this fundamental truth of life:

Physical form emanates from the unseen and is vibrating quanta, unit of quantum energy. And with specific education and training we can consciously move and clear it.

Just give me a write-board and markers. It all makes sense.

The proof is in the fact that every person who has had one of these has felt the effect for days and months afterwards. For most there is at least one defining and obvious change that proves your energy has changed. It will seem as if the world and people around you all changed. Funny how that is.

Curious Mind News blog post about P.E.A.C.E. Sessions

When your intelligent energy centers are clogged up or pulling in less Life Force energies you will begin to feel run down, overwhelmed and disconnected or separate. Normal events of life clog, weaken or in some way diminishes the amount of energy that you are pulling into your physicality at any given moment. The more of the different energies that you can pull in to your life the more focused, effective and powerful you will be.

Some of the symptoms of getting energetically clogged, disconnected

  • feeling run down
  • stale thoughts - not getting better thoughts for life
  • sometimes there is physical shaking
  • stuck at some unsatisfying place in life
  • overwhelmed
  • feeling isolated
  • slow healing
  • wanting the strong experience of BEING CONNECTED & IN-SYNC
  • lack of clarity about some area of life

Some of the Life events that diminish our power:

  • Problems in any area of life
  • the more problems the more likely you are pulling in minimal amounts
  • Heart break
  • Life failure
  • low self esteem
  • too many substances
  • negative people around you
  • negative self talk
  • abusive language from others
  • loss of job, person, value, other


You are designed to live a magnificent life, to be abundant in all ways, to be creative and to accomplish your soul’s desires while you are here.

Contact me to schedule your session today.

When your energy centers are clogged up you will begin to feel run down, overwhelmed and disconnected or separate. Learn how to unclog them.

You are SO much more than what you see in your physical form. As science tells us you are vibrating energy that is dense enough to be physical.  Your energy expands all around you for many feet. You have at least seven energy centers in your body that connect you to this more expansive unseen energy that is constantly providing you all that you require and request from life.

BUT  when these energy centers have not been tended to and when you have experienced ‘life hard knocks’ they can clog up and prevent your good from coming into your life experience. We’ve just never been told how to do this for ourselves...

As each energy center is unclogged, opened up and spinning properly people will sometimes feel the lessening of a pressure or the release of an inhibiting memory or any other phenomenon. Life changes.

When your inner self is congested with old energies (stuck emotions, old problems, unreleased past, etc) it clogs up your receiving what you want. Clear out these old, restrictive energies. Then I guide you to Open Up, Align and Expand your Personal Energy connection to the Universal Energies which helps you feel freer and allows what you want in life to come to you.

I am verbal when doing this so that you begin to understand how to direct your thoughts to do some of this for yourself in the future. Optionally, you can get your live process on CD.

* Here's what others are saying:

- Here's what I've felt since session on Tues: Vision improved...colors more vivid, everything more beautiful. Have a feeling of being open...feels good. Dynamics between me and daughter much improved. Sleeping amazingly better. I can take full deep breaths now! Stress/tightness carried in shoulders is gone..no longer hold shoulders tense/up. Have been very thirsty since Tues...usually don't drink a lot of water but have been since session. Seems like my dog is more in tune with me. General feeling of peace, contentment, positive outlook

Thank you again. You have helped me so much. Keep up the great work you are doing!
Vicki (better and better), March 2011

The session was very much different: it helped me physically to where the Fibromyalgia doesn't hurt so much. It's still in my shoulders especially and neck, but I could "feel" the "pulling" in my abdomen and hips. I also sensed a mind-shift, as in: get with it, most people would love to have your life, you are not alone. I got my little saying out again and stuck it on the dashboard and wanna say I started walking with my head high again. 

Lamar, I believe the session Saturday gave me the strength to "move" on if necessary. Thank you for the session.

M.S. March 2011

Sessions last up to 1 hours

Optional: I record the sessions and you can purchase the recording on CD for $25

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