Pain Elimination

The testimonial that speaks to what I can train someone to do for them self. No substances used.

I so far have done these on an individual basis or taught the basis for it in certain two-day workshops.

To be clear: I want to find Pain Management Clinic, Doctors, Physician Assistants, Researchers, other who think outside the paradigm. Let’s make this available. Look at this man’s result below. This is one of those things where I am an electrical engineer with an applications approach mind as I worked and lived globally. In a week long class in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I “happened” upon the science of how to use focused inner thought at a certain level of brain functioning to achieve specific changes such as pain elimination. Achieve inner state changes and focus external life to be more effective.

I know how to missing ingredient in healthcare: The inherent healing powers within the patient.

Here is Michael’s story:

[I have a complete record of this account. He told me to use any part of it to get the word out.]

I met him at a gathering in the Fall of 2014 and I went out to their house for a visit. He spoke of constant pain his adult life and that he had a neural stimulator spinal implant in him to stop pain and was on morphine every 12 hours. I told him about my advanced visualization and other inner empowerment skills. He wasn’t going to ask for them so I offered 4 sessions free.

The first session I trained him and his inner mind a particular part by part complete head to toe relaxation with mental relaxation, inner visualization skills and instructed him how to use it. I sent him the link to download the audio file to use as instructed.

The next session he had already used it to reduce his pain and turned off his neural stimulator. He was ahead of my plan which was to train him to do that in this session. So, I did more precisely. I also explained how the energy moves within us and that we are working to alter that movement on cue. And I gave him a less than 5-minute pain elimination technique to use. This cuts the 35 minute longer technique to 5 minutes or less.

Third session: He hasn’t been in much pain. When he starts feeling pain he uses this mental focus process to relieve it. He has his morphene dropped. He tells me the pain doctor and physician assistant asked how this was happening. He answered that he is working with a man who is teaching him how to use his thought. They had curiosity. I encouraged him to give them all of my contact info.

Fourth session: Has not used the neural stimulator since he turned it off and his morphine is reduced; less toxins for the body to deal with. He had a nerve numb area from surgery scar tissue build up. So, I taught him the basics of using visualization to speed up that nerve regrowth area. This included collaborating for him to find the perfect specifics that would tap his intellect, heart and emotions since things happen faster. We worked out a specific step by step visualization process and scene to use.

His post on Facebook in February 2015, 5 months after we began . He had a blood test that showed his pituitary gland had come back to life, something they said could not happen. And his lifespan has increased because he was taking less toxins with less medicines; his morphine had been reduced by this time. By June it was cut in half. He is not completely off of morphine.

Surely there are medical professionals who want to get this to their patients. Or researchers that want to do some studies. This is very repeatable. Contact me


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