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How to Increase Your Holistic Wellness

Austin NA Magazine Cover June 2016 349x454Wellness is a subjective measurement concerning the state of a person at different levels of living. Your personal measurement may include some or all of these: How well you are doing in personal, business/career, emotional, mental, spiritual, relationships like friends, family, partner, social, play, financial.

How to Increase Holistic Wellness is an article I authored that was published in the June 2016 Austin Edition of Natural Awakenings monthly magazine.

Read article at my Curious Mind News blog or at the Austin Natural Awakenings Website. Go to June 2016 > Page 19. Ad is on page 16. My Resource Listing is on page 38

What I do for clients in many ways results in a boost of their immune system and an increased sense of wellness.

Clients always get a boost of increased wellness from the way I work and how I empower them at whatever level will help. When we feel strong within ourself and when we know how to manage our inner self (thoughts, emotions, energies) we ‘catch’ less illness and generally feel well.

At times I will invite select other people to offer services through Mind Technology. And one person who is at the top of my list is my friend Dr. Joseph Huerta. He is a world class healer, traveling the US and Mexico helping those reverse bad diagnoses. He has a proprietary detox tea that is a one day detox program, does these amazing clothed energy massages that both deeply relax and invigorate, The Reconnection, and many other services.

When I invite him to town it is usually for one day for the detox class and then another day or two for him to see private sessions.

Click the ‘Dr Huerta Detox’ button for  information about Dr Huerta and his services.

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