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Until I get a calendar on this website I’ll post most events, classes and meetings at the sites.
When you join you will be kept informed.


Mind Technology page:

   More of the scientific approach items

Spiritually Awaken:

   Spiritual concepts to awaken your inner intelligence


Tweet. Search these hashtags to find some of my past messages. #amomentswisdom  #IUpliftU


I have 2 monthly Meetup groups that are the same topic, 2 cities:

  Align to Your Good thru Spiritual, Science, Meditation

  SA: Align to Your Good thru Spiritual, Science, Meditation

You will always have a take away of something new you can use to better your life. If you are having lack at this time then come anyway and donate what you can afford. I tell you one thing for sure: apply what you learn and you can increase health, money, love, etc.

Come join us. Each month we have a gathering of like-minded folks learning and experiencing ways to better one’s own life. A full description of these Meetups and the calendar of meetings, public meditations and classes.


Connect at the business networking site


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