Statement of BEing

Craft Your Statement of BEing

Change Your Perspective of YourSelf
=> Life will change accordingly

When you make clear choices on Who You Are and focus your mind you gradually and effortlessly alter your self image.

Also works great for your business

Who I Choose To Be

The greatest statement you make to yourself and to life is how you see the person in the mirror - you. This is your foundation for what limits or expands your life experience.

Change your perspective of life and you will change your life.

How have you been defining who you are?

How do you ‘see’ other people’s impressions of you? How much are you worth in your career? How successful do you believe you are? Are you a winner? How supportive do you believe life is? How do you treat yourself? What is your relationship with money? Work? Home? Career? Spiritual Development? Who are you in a romantic relationship? How well do you make decisions? What is your relationship with your body? Activity?

In session(s) I will help you get clearer on who you choose to become in life. In the different areas of life how do you want to be perceived? Who do choose to be? What is your spiritual foundation?

You will work on it between sessions. Then you will write it up in a certain way. Once done you will prepare it to see and read it regularly

I will record a custom audio, MP3, file for you to use to continually reprogram your inner circuitry to become that person. You will gradually and effortlessly move forward toward this.

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