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break the impossilbe into possibilities

What matters with any class dealing with human potential and personal growth is results. I launched this class in mid-November 2013 after developing it with what I have learned, new techniques and new ideas from the intuitive mind that gave me the Mind’s Eye for Change. Within two months these are some of their results. Here are synopsis of what they have shared.

This page has a list of many results in a variety of areas

Trey ~ attended with a down payment and a promise to pay in January. He used the method to imagine financial abundance, being able to pay bills with ease. Two days after the class he received a completely unexpected check in the mail. He was able to pay off the class that week and other bills he had.

Margaret ~ used the sensualization that is done in this method to imagine laying on the beach and feeling the sand on her back. She had been unable to tell where someone was touching her for medical reasons. The next time her boyfriend touched her she felt it exactly where he touched. She was so excited when she called me up to tell me about it.

Student C had bought a condo and was having it fixed up before she moved in. The contractor unexpectedly stopped working. She shared that she was fretting about what to do for two days then thought to herself – what the heck I’ll just use the method to see what can happen. She did that and then received a new idea of how to work with this contractor to get him to finish the job. She approached him with the idea and it worked. He went back to work and she just moved in a few days ago.

Virginia ~ has had very high blood pressure for years. It was so high there were concerns about strokes and other bad effects to her body. A couple months after class she released a level of stress which was interfering with an effective relationship to her life. She went to the doctor and her blood pressure had dropped within acceptable range. She is now working to get it even lower.

Another person needed a new place to live but did not know where or how. He sensualized the qualities of the space he wanted without parameters of how it should look and how it would come about. An unexpected phone call came a week later to reconnect with a friend from the past. This friend had the perfect place but it was occupied. He kept using the method and she called him a few days later and said it was available. He is now living in an expansive, creative, peaceful space with wonderful amenities in the perfect part of town.

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