Thoughts In --> Life Out

Your thoughts create your life
Select them deliberately

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Our conditions are governed by our thinking.

It is easy for the average person to see how it is that mind can control, and to a certain extent govern, the functions of the body. Some can go even further than this and see that the body is governed entirely by consciousness. This they can see without much difficulty, but it is not so easy for them to see how it is that thought governs their conditions and decides whether they are to be successes or failures.

        ~ Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes

Great Thoughts --> Great Life

    Your thoughts are a choice.

      Select them deliberately to match what you want in life.

Thoughts are the beginning of a person creating something different in life. The predominant thoughts around an area of life stirs the e-motions, energies in motion within us. The predominant e-motions leads to opportunities that match the thoughts and actions to make it real in life.

This class is designed to help you craft the thoughts that will lead you to the life you desire.

Weed out thoughts that do not support you and plant thoughts that do. Craft these thoughts to bring forth your desired life.

Select thoughts that directly lead you to having what you desire.

Then learn a quick and easy method that utilizes brain and heart science to cultivate this into our desired results in life.

You will have a plan to carry out with changing your thoughts.

Receive: Workbook and free pdf eBook, Creative Mind and Success

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