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You are Designed to Succeed & You Exist in a Life that Actively Supports Your Success. Tap it!

This is an easy statement to make. It is a clear and accurate conclusion from all the evidence I’ve uncovered from thirty-plus years of studying, licensing and apprenticing in four major human potential systems.

It simply takes the right education and practice to learn the details of what this means and how to use it. That is part of my purpose: To assist those willing to make changes to do so in whatever area of life they desire to alter.

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 Flowchart for the Crucial Life Skills Class

CLS Class Flowchart

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.
                                                       Henry David Thoreau

Why do we put up with problems that have plagued us for years? Why do we keep putting temporary band-aids onto festering problems in life? Why do we take a pill when some medical problems can be healed or reversed simply by changing our behavior or just focusing our thoughts? What motivates us to quietly sit by and not do what is inside of us to do? Where are those thoughts and desires coming from?

Many of these problematic situations mentioned can be solved simply through education. But most people think they have to solve annoying problems with a quick fix or a pill. Most people are not aware that there are many alternatives to tolerating these problems - such as not advancing at work, memory problems, sleep difficulties, life problems, inability to study or make good grades, not being able to do a particular task, sleep disorders, managing/eliminating some pains such as headaches, some medical situations, learning difficulties - and many more. My Curious Mind News blog has articles, writing and information pertaining to some of this.

neuro-sculpting-mental-fitness-training-studio-membershipIn addition, when everything in life is going well you can use these same skills to achieve goals by using your whole brain. You can improve your golf game or any sport performance. You can learn to study more effectively while increasing your comprehension and recall. In the A+ Student Brain-based Study and Test Skills anyone can learn to increase their grades while decreasing their study time. Read and watch how these life skills has impacted clients. Anyone can increase their memory, develop their creativity and tap into their intuition.

Do not let yourself tune out because of this last one just because it is unfamiliar. First, when you tap into your inherent potential you will begin to experience different things in life which will be unfamiliar. We all have used our potential to disconnect from difficult situations, pains and thoughts so much that we have become comfortable with our pains. Second, there is a scientific progression of changes within a person who practices the skills learned. Enough science to be needed for application will be presented in class.

Application is what matters. We all want some kind of changes in life. That is why you invest the dollars and time into this class. Life is oftentimes changing. These Crucial Life Skills, based on brain science, neuroscience and observed repeatable life fundamentals, help us to develop our inherent abilities. Crucial Life Skills class trains participants in multiple human potential sciences with specific techniques that can be applied to alter one’s life and experience of it

Here are some of the specific benefits and who this will help.

leadership6Business Application

Businesses are made up of people, its workers. Of course, these skills apply. The great news is that when a group of people use them towards the same end the effectiveness increases multi-fold.

Businesses find many financial and workplace benefits when these and other skills are implemented in their workforce such as increased retention, decreased health-care costs, increased productivity and creativity at work. This makes total sense since when any person is empowered with crucial life skills they can then handle their own lives better thus they are less distracted and better able to focus on their job functions. Learning the specific steps to applying the methodology based on the sciences of life 

Having worked in global corporations as an electrical engineer I have taken that engineering mind and applied it to what I have learned for thrity-plus years so that is usable, understandable and works for clients and students right away.

It is my joy and service to have this second career to assist individuals, groups and businesses.

The question becomes: Am I ready to learn how to do life better?
And... Am I willing to have things work out?


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